Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Full title: The Ecology of Perception: Landscapes in Culture and Nature

To be arranged: Feb. 6-7, 2009 - Tartu
Location: Domus Dorpatensis, Raekoja Plats (Town Hall Square)

Confirmed presenters:
David Abram
Kalevi Kull
Kati Lindström
Renata S
Morten Tønnessen
Wendy Wheeler

The program, which will span over around 15 workshop hours, will include various discussion sessions.

Titles of presentations:
David Abram (major talk): "Earth and Awareness: The Land´s Elemental Moods"
David Abram (minor talk): "Depth Ecology: The Visible and Invisible Landscape"
Kalevi Kull: "On Consortia, Umwelten, and Biophony"
Kati Lindström: "Perceptual Markers in Landscapes - Estonian and Japanese Examples"
Renata S
õukand: "Estonian Herbscape"
Morten Tønnessen: "Wolf land. The Phenomenal World of Wolves on the Scandinavian Peninsula"
Wendy Wheeler: "With Environment in Mind"

Opening words by
Morten Tønnessen, closing words by Kati Lindström.

The workshop is organized as part of the research project "The Cultural Heritage of Environmental Spaces. A Comparative Analysis Between Estonia and Norway", grant no. EEA--ETF Grant EMP 54, in cooperation with the project "Neolithisation and Modernisation: Landscape History on the East Asian Inland Seas" (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto - here represented by Kati Lindström).

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