Wednesday, 10 December 2008

WORKSHOP: ANIMAL MINDS (Tartu, Feb. 9-10, 2009)

To be arranged: Feb. 9-10, 2009 - Tartu.
Location: Tartu Hotell, Conference Hall "Sugar" (map here).

Confirmed presenters:
David Abram
John Deely
Timo Maran
Wendy Wheeler

The program, which will span over around 15 workshop hours, will include various discussion sessions.

Titles of presentations:
David Abram: "The Discourse of the Birds"

John Deely: "The Semiotic Animal - and the Semiosic"
Timo Maran: "Zoosemiotics and Animal Minds"
Morten Tønnessen: "Steps to a Semiotics of Being"
Wendy Wheeler: "Thomas A. Sebeok, Zoosemiotics and Animal Mind"

Opening words by Kalevi Kull, closing words by
Morten Tønnessen.

The workshop is organized by the research project "Dynamical zoosemiotics and animal representations" (grant no. ETF/ESF 7790), headed by Timo Maran. Sponsored by Estonian Green Party MP Toomas Trapido.

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  1. I would love to make an appearance at these workshops, but I am working busily on a zoosemiotics book (the one co-authored by Dario and myself). I am intrigued by the problem of animal minds - and will engage in this topic hopefully in Prague. I have tentatively come up with a paper called "The Whale and the Barnacle" - all to do with what I call the semiotic explanation gap (from signal - sign - symbol) more anon. But yes, the workshops sound fantastic.
    Stephen Pain